The Unique Brick is the place to shop for custom LEGO® building instructions and (occasionally) for the actual models themselves.
My models are very detailed and with a realistic touch. When designing a new model my motto is 'don't create something you wouldn't want for yourself'.
My main areas are LEGO® Modular Buildings,  LEGO® Train and LEGO® Space (coming soon).
The instructions come on a PDF format with high resolutions images. Inside each PDF file I include a visual parts list with the parts images and a quick manual on how to get started with sourcing for needed LEGO® parts.
I also provide an XML file for each model, this file is used by (the place where you can find all LEGO® pieces that were ever created) and creates a wanted list for all the parts in one quick step.
I recommend to visit my website for every once in a while, I constantly adding new models.

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Leg Godt!


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