Short Range Reconnaissance Craft NLL954



The Unique Brick and Brickspace are proud to present a new cooperation

Inspired by the Classic Space 924, this build features some great SNOT building techniques and brings Classic Space into the twenty-first century. Sistership to The Pathfinder NLL958, the 954 is a one man craft designed for short reconnaissance flights. With this in mind, it is built around powerful engines that dictate the design of the craft; with a compact sensor array at the front, the cockpit doesn’t have much in the way of creature comforts for the single pilot.


Model Info:

Total Number of Bricks: 637 Pieces

Building Time: 3 Hours


Each Model Includes the Following Files:

1. Building Instructions on a PDF File

2. Parts List (Image, Part Number, Color, Quantity, Description) on an Excel File

3. Bricklink Upload Data on an XML File


 Model Designed by Paul Binnion