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The Unique Brick and Brickspace are proud to present a new cooperation

The Chibesa Deep Space Survey Craft

Equipped with powerful long-range sensors and an array of scientific instruments, this Deep Space Survey Craft is perfect for supporting long-range scientific exploration.

Built-in a sleek and modern style, this two-man craft is the sister ship to the Coalescent Deep Space Research Mission Vehicle.

A fun, compact build.


Model Info:

Total Number of Bricks: 404 Pieces

Building Time: 1 Hour

Estimated Cost of the Bricks: 56 USD


Each Model Includes the Following Files:

1. Building Instructions on a PDF File

2. Parts List (Image, Part Number, Color, Quantity, Description) on an Excel File

3. Bricklink Upload Data on an XML File


 Model Designed by Paul Binnion