Wacko Loco


This wacko-looking LEGO locomotive runs on a large power functions motor which is built inside including the battery box.

When the motor runs, the top propeller rotates and the locomotive wheels move.

This sale includes three variations of the model:

  • The regular (Dark Blue)
  • City style (Colorful)
  • Space (Classic space colors)

When you purchase these building instructions you get the instructions of how to build all the three variations. That includes x3 PDF files, x3 Excel parts lists, and x3 XML files.

See the different variations in the images.




Model Info:

Total Number of Bricks: 1,274 Pieces

Building Time: 10 Hours

Estimated Cost of the Bricks (Via Bricklink.com): 188 USD


Each Sale Includes the Following Files:

1. Hi-Red Building Instructions on a PDF File

2. Parts List (Image, Part Number, Color, Quantity, Description) on an Excel File

3. Bricklink Upload Data on an XML File



These building instructions are based on a model by the amazing and creative Lego designer pagicence