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Modular City Essentials Pack


 This is the pack that any modular buildings lover needs for his or her layout.

This pack includes instructions for a total of 35 models, for example:

10 Vehicles (a bus, school bus, brinks armored car, 2 trucks, and 5 private cars), 2 Bus stations, 6 traffic lights options, street lights, fountain and much more.

Each model comes with its own XML file.

With this sale, you also get a PDF file for self-printing the decals needed, just load and print, the decal sizes are locked in the file.



The Sale Includes the Following Files:

1. Hi-Red Building Instructions on a PDF File

2. Decals PDF for printing the custom decals of the models (A4 + Letter)

3. Parts List (Image, Part Number, Color, Quantity, Description) on an Excel File

4. An uploadable Bricklink XML file, one file for each model


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